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Erntedankfest Bardowick ENG


Timetable Showbands

ca. 09.30 am Turn up at the festival ground
ca. 09.45 am Short briefing of the drum majors

ca. 10.00 am
to 11.30 am Rehearsal of the final at the festival ground

ca. 11.30 am
tp 12.40 pm Lunch break

ca. 12.45 pm Star formation march to the festival ground (15 to 20 minutes)

at 02.00 pm Festival procession through the village (45 to 60 minutes)

ca. 03.00 pm Arrival at the festival ground for the „ca. 20 minutes
to 05.00 pm show“ of each band

ca. 05.30 pm Final show of all bands and participants oft he harvest festival

ca. 06.00 pm End oft he event

At this festival all bands have to help themselves self-sufficient. The bands have the choice at the festival ground to order at original costs the most famous „Bardowicker Vegetable Stew“.
Each showband will be allocated to a farmers house where they can leave theeir buses and where the star formation starts!
At this place you can allso enjoy your lunch time!
Every showband has to do its own 20-minute-show like reviewed at the rehearsal.
The festval ground has a 28 by 35 meter size and will be surrounded by a thankfull and excited audience.
In recent years we had an audience of about ten up to fifteen thousend people in the average.
The BRDOWICK HARVEST FESTIVAL is the biggest festival in north Germany

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me...;-)...!

Kindest regards